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31 Dec 2007

Looking for a Home Health Aide On-The-Go In-Service Lessons: Vol. 6, Issue 12: Personal Wellness book? Interesting ... It looks like this book is on our website Home Health Aide On-The-Go In-Service Lessons: Vol. 6, Issue 12: Personal Wellness PDF - reading online is now so easy!

This lesson on Personal Wellness includes a complete training packet. Each in-service packet takes approximately one hour to complete and fully meets the Medicare in-service training requirements. As aides need training, you can make as many copies as you want - there’s no restriction when used with aides assigned from your office location. Remember that Home Health Aides must have 12 hours of in-service training every year.LESSON OBJECTIVESUpon completion of this program, the home health aide will be able to:Identify three signs of stress Define burnout, andExplain two ways to deal with stress.OVERVIEWSince the home health aide’s job is to care for others, most of your day is spent directly caring for another person. In addition to that, you have your own professional and personal obligations. It is common for all people, and especially for caregivers, to experience some stress and even "burnout" due to the pressures and responsibilities of caregiving. This in-service reviews the importance of caring for yourself first. It outlines how to do that by recognizing and dealing with stress. In addition, the in-service explains burnout and suggests ways to manage it effectively.

Home Health Aide On-the-Go In-service, Volume XIII provides authoritative, comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand training for self-study or the classroom. The training is flexible, so aides can learn at their own pace at a time that is convenient for them.