Kelly Stewart
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07 Feb 2017

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There finally comes a time in a person's life where they actually slow down long enough to look around them and see what they have.That time for me was going into retirement and as my father always said, "Things do happen for a reason".My oldest daughter and her husband moved into our house long enough to get their new place finished and along with them they brought a little lady known as Miss Elliot.I cannot express in words the feelings and emotions that having a one and a half year old running around your house can bring out of you.That alone gave me the drive to write this book. As the title states "Living, Laughing & Learning" we have done it all.Our lives have evolved around hard work which has allowed us to live the life we have.Now is when life really begins.

In it, we highlight 25 places of varying size and character across the country, all of which we believe offer excellent retirement value—that is, a high quality of retirement living at an ...